Reaper Sriracha Tuna and Veggie Bowls

Need something that’s cheap, healthy, and filled with flavor to start the new year right?

We get it.

And that’s why you need to get your hands on this recipe. It’s truly a lifesaver – even though it’ll feel a little like you’re on fire. With just a few simple (and cheap) ingredients, you can serve four people in way less than half an hour. Plus it’s totally healthy.

And, if you really want to go all out, why not skip the tuna and replace it with some tofu mixed with our Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce?

It’s perfect for entertaining vegetarians and vegans on the cheap.


4 teaspoons Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Sauce
2 cans (5 oz.) tuna in water, drained
3 cups Rice, cooked
1 Cucumber, diced
1 Carrot, julienned
2 Avocados, sliced
1 cup Edamame, cooked and shelled
¼ bunch Cilantro, roughly chopped


Combine the Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce with the drained tuna in a mixing bowl. Stir well to combine, then set aside.

Cook the rice, chop the veggies and cilantro and shell the edamame. Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s a simple matter of assembling these bowls.

Divide the rice between four bowls, top with Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha tuna, cucumber, carrots, avocado, and edamame. Sprinkle over the cilantro and then drizzle with a little more Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha and serve.

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