Mad Dog Makes These Social Distancing Activities That Much Better

Whether you’re in full lockdown or just doing your part to flatten the curve, social distancing is the norm. And, yeah, it can be annoying AF – even if you’ve never had much of a social life in the past.

But, as you’ve surely noticed, the internet is heaving with ideas to make the most of any quarantine or social distancing regime. We’re delighted to jump on that bandwagon; adding Mad Dog super hot sauces makes just about every activity that much better.

Check it out.

Restaurants Are Closed, but You Still Need to Eat

Very few restaurants can ever manage a dish with enough fiery heat to engage a chili head properly. You’ve probably put considerable effort into your cooking in the past.

In the past, however, wing and pizza nights were more common. Now, you’ve got to worry about how long the Coronavirus lives on your cardboard pizza box or whether those wings will taste any good by the time you get them home.

It should go without saying that Mad Dog makes every meal better. And our recipe blog will get you going with meals that’ll make your lips bleed and your ears smoke. In short, it’s like dinner and a show.

Go on, you know that sounds good.

Zoom Parties Are Really a Thing Now

Video conferencing apps are having their day in the sun. Everyone and their brother have a Zoom account these days. More informally, the House Party app allows you to play games while trying to speak louder than your friends.

However, you’re having virtual parties while social distancing, you know it’s going to get old at some point. Maybe you’re already there; maybe it’s just around the corner.

Either way, when Zoom parties hit new lows, remember that you can absolutely entertain everyone by pulling out a bottle or two of Mad Dog extreme hot sauces.

You’ll experience pain, followed by a rush. Meanwhile, everyone else will laugh before an overwhelming sense of jealousy takes over. It’s a win no matter how you dice it.

Get Your Sweat On with a Little More Mad Dog

You might be used to moving around at the office or hitting the gym on your way home. People tend to be far more sedentary at home. And, with all that eating you’re doing, it’s only natural to think you’ll need a little more exercise.

Mad Dog can’t make you exercise. It can make you get off your ass and dance around the room. Likewise, the short metabolic boost you get every time you introduce capsaicin into your life will make any exercise far more effective.

Yes, what we’re saying is that Mad Dog is excellent for transforming your weak-ass workout into something your body actually needs. Less time working out, mixed with more time eating; it’s very much a win, isn’t it?

Mad Dog Works Wonders with All the Little Things

You’re still going to clean the house, binge watch your favorite TV shows for the millionth time, engage with your family or games, or whatever else there is to do at home. And, if you’ve not already worked it out, you can bet Mad Dog makes those things so much better than going without.

And, keeping in line with all your social distancing rules, we’re ready to deliver Mad Dog super hot sauces to your home.

That’s just what you needed, right?

Now, head over to the Mad Dog shop and pick up your faves today.

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