Go for Gold… or Just a Picnic


Oh yes, of course, there’s a National Picnic Day – and it’s on April 23rd.

Now, this news is unlikely to be revolutionary. It probably won’t even make a small change in your life. You can, obviously, have a picnic whenever you like. You can also have one anywhere you like – whether you’re out hiking for the day or you just feel like spreading some blankets on the living room floor.

What might change your life, however, are these freaking incredible recipes.

What makes them so legendary?

It’s the Mad Dog hot sauces and pepper purees. Well, that… and each one is perfect for a picnic.

What picnic foods are you looking for?

Need an appetizer to snack on while you’re prepping the rest of your picnic meal?

Try our Habanero Melon and Prosciutto Skewers or Habanero and Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms. These awesome apps have two things in common – they’re both made with Mad Dog 357 Habanero Pepper Puree and you won’t be able to stop eating them.

How about a dip for that pack of chips that are almost mandatory on a picnic? You’ll want to try our Morich Spinach and Artichoke Dip made with Mad Dog 357 Naga Morich Pepper Puree. Or, perhaps you’ll want this Powerfully Decadent Pâté featuring Mad Dog 357 Liquid Fire Hot Sauce and plenty of love.

Of course, you’ll need a main that works whether it’s hot or cold. Our Fried Chicken with Crazy Burning Blueberry Honey makes the most of Mad Dog 357 Revenge Chile & Habanero Extract, while this recipe for Chicken Fried Steak Fingers with Scorpion Mustard Sauce has just enough Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Hot Sauce to make your mouth squeal with delight. Or, if you want to avoid sticky fingers, you may want to give these Scorpion BBQ Chicken Skewers a try. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any heat using our Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Pepper Pods.

If sandwiches are more your style, you’ve got to check out this Mad Dog Hoagie made with our Mad Dog 357 Original Hot Sauce. Or, go all out with this communal-style Mad Dog’s Mediterranean Sandwich. We make it with our Mad Dog 357 Boomslang Hot Sauce, but you can sub in your favorite as this recipe is super flexible.

Don’t stop there; you’ll need some salads to make the most of your picnic. Try our killer Scorpion BLT Pasta Salad which also uses Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Hot Sauce. Or go for gold with our Sweet and Spicy Goldslaw. Yep, it’s made with Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce.

Are you ready to make your next meal stand out?

Pick up a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce now and transform any meal into a winner, picnic, or otherwise.

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