It’s Easier than Ever to Stock up on Mad Dog Hot Sauces

Here you are, on the new Mad Dog website.

It’s a helluva lot more than just a new look. We’ve made some serious changes that’ll make it much easier to enjoy the world’s hottest hot sauces.

Find Your Favorite Hot Sauce, Find a New Recipe

Now that you’re here, perhaps it’s time to take a look for a new favorite hot sauce.

If you’re struggling to figure out which Mad Dog 357 hot sauce is right for you, we’re ready to help. Check out:

Once you’ve figured out which Mad Dog barks loudest, dive into our fierce and fiery recipe collection.

You’ll find everything from breakfast to dessert in some of the easiest-to-follow recipes you’ll ever come across. Every single dish, from killer chicken pleasers to scorching snacks you won’t be able to stop shoveling into your mouth, has been tested time and time again.

Or, reverse the process and search for one of our drool-worthy dishes and choose your hot sauce that way. It’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

Save with Flat-Rate Shipping, No Matter How Many Bottles You Order

We’ve integrated our online shop into our revamped site, making it easier to stock up your Mad Dog supply.

And, to make it cost-effective on your end – whether you’re after a single bottle or a couple of your favorite super hot sauces – we’ve introduced flat-rate shipping. Yep, it’s just $5.99 to ship anywhere in the US. If you’re like us, rapidly draining your collection drop by delectable drop, you’ll be keen to take advantage of our continued free shipping on orders over $50.

Like we said, it’s easier than ever to grow your Mad Dog 357 super hot sauce collection. You can slip into living life to the hottest without the sweat. Well, actually, you’ll sweat a lot, but that boils down to Scoville.

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