The Hottest Damn Picnic Foods for Socially-Distant Socializing

You might not have given much thought to picnics in the past.

Socializing at fast food joints, fast-casual restaurants – or just in your backyard has been cheap as chips over the past several years.

But since a global pandemic has swept across the land, packing up a few snacks, a cooler box of brews, and some folding chairs to sit outside in the proximity of friends and family seems like a damn good idea.

As that’s basically the definition of a picnic, we’ve rounded up some seriously scorching snacks for a Mad Dog picnic that’ll knock your socks off. Hang on to them if you can, this could change your life.

Sensational Savory Snacks

You could pick up a pack of chips, but that’ll never will you like a solid snack packed with the heat you crave. Watch out, some of these savories pack more heat than amateurs can handle.

If you’re looking for something a little decadence, don’t forget our Habanero Melon and Prosciutto Skewers rubbed with Habanero Pepper Puree.

Demon Dips and Spreads

Alright, alright, we hear you. And, we don’t disagree; picnics are simply better when you’ve got fiery dips, salsas, and spreads to go with the cold beer in your hand. Go ahead and grab those chips back out of the cupboard – and get going on one of these sizzlers.

Scorching and Sandwiches

And, when you want to go the traditional route, make yourself a sandwich and a salad. These are fast, budget-friendly, and furiously fiery options that’ll make you smile.

  • Scorching BLT Panzanella topped with Mad Dog 357 Original Hot Sauce.
  • Sweet and Spicy Goldslaw filled with the burning heat of Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce.
  • Reaper Sriracha Bacon Potato Salad mixed with plenty of Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce.
  • Mad Dog Hoagie – an original sandwich made with Mad Dog 357 Original Hot Sauce.
  • Planning a picnic of your own? Or, maybe you just can’t wait and want one of these recipes ASAP. Either way, we’d love to see your creations; just share your images to Twitter or Facebook and tag us.

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