Kicking Cranberry Turkey Sandwiches

There are only so many turkey sandwiches you can stand.

Okay, we’re totally lying. You can handle any number of leftovers as long as you can spike your cranberry relish with Ghost Peppers. Yes, we’ve made a specific choice based on the way the cranberry mixes with the fruity flavor in the bhut jolokia. Combined, this relish makes ANY sandwich delectable. We’ve made ours with an artisan loaf, Grana Padano cheese, rocket, and of course turkey – but any leftovers at your house will be better than believed once you add a couple of drops of Mad Dog.

(Once you taste the combo of cranberry and ghost, you’ll want to serve it just like that next Thanksgiving. It’s sooooo addictive.)


¼ cup Cranberry Relish
½ teaspoon  Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
Sandwich fixings as desired, but include some cheese and greens


It’s very simple to mix whatever cranberry relish you have with Mad Dog’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and the quantities given are enough to pack a punch on any sandwich. Assemble as usual.

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