What Does Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Go With?


Ever wondered when to grab your bottle of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce?

Get the answer right here, right now!

If you’ve left your house in the past year - and we realize there’s actually a chance that you haven’t - then you know just how popular ghost peppers are. Even if you’ve not left your house, it’s hard to miss these peppers; people love them.

So when should you reach for your bottle of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce?

Ghost Peppers Go with Nearly Everything

You know us, we’ll suggest slathering just about everything and anything. There are a few notable exceptions. Those are… nope, never mind, there aren’t really any exceptions. We love our ghost peppers and we totally understand if you do too.

So, if you feel the craving, grab the bottle (or order a new one); we support you in that.

A Perfect Ghost Pepper Pairing

But, since that’s not answered your question at all, we’ll try to guide you a bit.

Behind the intense heat of any ghost pepper, you’ll find a sweet and fruity flavor. Yeah, we know, it’s tough to recognize it at first; but if you keep trying, you’ll taste it.

The foods that go best with Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce are those that draw out that sweet fruit flavor. That makes your standard sweet and sour recipe one of the absolute best candidates for ghost pepper pairings.

You can easily extend this to just about any stir-fry or curry recipe, as they tend to invoke these flavors. But, you can push the boundaries by spicing up Mexican or Italian dishes, for totally new flavor (and heat levels) on your favorite cuisines.

Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Recipes

At Mad Dog HQ, we’ve taken our Ghost Pepper hot sauce around the world, and we’ve definitely come up with a few favorites.

●    Chicken and Ghost Pepper Yakisoba
●    Ghost Pepper Peanut Soup
●    Grilled ghost chicken sandwich
●    Open-faced fiery ghost pork sandwich
●    Chicken Waffle and Mad Dog Nachos
●    Japanese BBQ Mad Dog Steak Bowl
●    Kicking Cranberry Turkey Sandwiches
●    Hot as Hell Honey Chicken

Which one will be your favorite? More importantly, how’s that bottle of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce looking? Is it time to order more?

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