Properly Hot Citrus Ponzu Sauce

If you haven’t caught the poke trend, we’re not sure where you’ve been.

But these Hawaiian bowls have been screaming the Mad Dog name for a long time, so we finally obliged with the best damn sauce to drown your poke bowls in fiery, flavorful heat. And then we even tried it with a fully vegetarian recipe to prove that Mad Dog makes everything better.

Makes: enough for 5-6 poke bowls

You’ll need:

few drops Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector’s Edition Hot Sauce
½ cup of soy sauce
¼ cup of orange juice
2 tbsp. each: lemon juice, mirin (sweet rice wine)


Simply mix the Dog 357 Silver Collector’s Edition Hot Sauce with the remainder of the sauce ingredients and stir well.

Serve with your favorite poke bowl combination. (We used sushi rice, ginger, edamame beans, carrots, toasted cashews, avocado and mango on ours.)

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